Saturday, April 16, 2011

a nice and beautiful day

assalamualaikum everyone.
today i had a nice day and though tiring, i like it.

it started out with fajr prayer and sending off my lil bro to school.
since ive started staying at home, ive been the driver, every morning sending him to school.

coming back from sending him, bought roti for breakfast and lay down on my bed reading this good book, titled "Dilema Melayu-Islam, Kurang fikir atau kurang zikir" by Pahrol Mohamad Juoi.
though i havent finish reading it but i read some of it and i think it is a good book..
it talks about many things, real things that relates to life in my country.

and suddenly i fell asleep. aint that funny.

i woke up before 12. and syafiq came into my room. because he's been coming here every day since this week because he has work to do with amir.

we took our lunch together with amir at tanjung restaurant just a couple of minutes from our lot, and headed to Jumaah prayer after that.

then, we went to check on the van. it wasnt ready yet till before 7. and then amir sent me back because i have to go and meet a customer of mine which we have postponed on meeting for a week.

i thought he was chinese..but actually a white guy. thats my first time doing business with a white guy. gave me the money and gave him the product and that was it. it was in pj. then it rained heavily and im stuck under the tunnel nearly for an hour.

made acquaintance with the motorcycle behind me. got to know he is a cop. related to me stories of when he was in training under the Service.. i thought that it was great. though people to be disciplined and strong in the head. also, not many are lucky to undergo such experience..
i wish i could go through one one day.

when the rain was pouring less, i ride off. arrived home. put my stuffs and out again with fatima to take the van.

got back home. went out again, met what there is to deal, then head to sec 7 to meet one customer. trade. went back home.

ate dinner. pray maghrib. out again to tamansari. got it(furniture) in the van and head to damansara damai. all went well. back at home again.

oh yeah, amir got himself a nice bb bold.

arrived home. went up to my room. went downstairs and heard that 2 tyres of amir's father's car got punctured by something that dropped from a contena. nothing to wait for, he took our ride to their location in klang.

amir changed the tyres and waited for the driver to come again because he promised to pay amir's dad 160 for what happened. he eventually paid 200. he was, for me, a responsible person. he could just get away with it when he heard the sound. but he stopped and took a look. i respect that.

we went for late dinner and headed back home afterwards. arrived home nearly 2 am.

sweet dreams everyone.