Wednesday, November 25, 2009


a peaceful afternoon Wednesday. just lying on the floor in the middle room surfing the net for a while and decided to upload a video.

this video is rather well known,or rather the scripts and the song itself..

it gives so many feelings to a person when he really go with the song, or better called nasyid.

it invites us to realize ourselves. in times when we are far away from Him.

theres not much to write about it.

well let me just write something while waiting for the video to finish uploading.

this video is a manifestation of a servant's obedience to Almighty God, Allah swt..
a man will never be at peace until he comes to a realization that he belongs to Allah and in any way have to subject himself to the will of Allah, be it willingly or unwillingly.

one of the first few lyrics is 'ilaahi lastu lilfirdausi ahlan' which literally means oh my God not have i the privilege of your Firdaus ( the paradise) as someone who can be in it, which shows a situation where he feels that he cant enter the paradise.

what makes that happen?

undoubtedly due to sins, wrongdoings, blameworthy deeds and so on. such notions or even thoughts that are acted upon consciously and subconsciously affect the mind, body and soul. hence the first verse is written.

may we take heed..

May Allah guide us to His path and help us to live through this life.

(it didnt load. i'll try again soon or can just view it its exactly the same.)