Thursday, September 27, 2007

Ramadhan...your already half gone...

assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh brothers and sisters in Islam!

may all of us feel greatly and get carried away as far as possible with the blessed month of RAMADHAN!!! =)

there is not a better time, in fact i can say the best time, in anyone's life to really be racing in doing 'amal ibadah' than this month.

so, anybody out there need to be told to start racing?!!! i guess not.

maybe some people understand and appreciate how this month is so special to them that they forgot to tell it to others...

but, there are also those out there that don't even know:
-->what do we have to do in this Ramadhan?
-->why do we have to read the Quran more when it's Ramadhan?
-->is Ramadhan that important?
-->why people have to change when it's Ramadhan?
-->why people have to give more charity in the Ramadhan?
-->why people look more 'alim' (some might even have the thought 'konon-konon alim') in Ramadhan?
-->why do we have to pray Tarawikh?
-->why is Tarawikh only in Ramadhan
-->and many more questions that, sincerely saying as a muslim, that we must know...

some people just(with a long u sound) like to dispute over small 'furu''things such as:
>>why do you pray 8, not 20?
>>why do you pray 20, not 8?
>>Tarawikh prayer is more important than Fard prayer
>>reading the Quran without 'penghayatan' (lupa la bahasa inggerisnya)

and some don't even bother to do anything in this so very very blessed month of Ramadhan...

really sad...

ila marrah akhar...=)