Saturday, March 20, 2010

Word of the Day.

Allah's Mercy over His Wrath

When Allah decreed the Creation He pledged Himself by writing in His book which is laid down with Him:

"My mercy prevails over my wrath."

It was related by Muslim (also by al-Bukhari, an-Nasa'i and Ibn Majah).

My Day Today :) 18 03 2010

Assalamualaikum friends.

How are you out there?

I’m feeling good here listening to We Made You (R&B Mix)Eminem feat Jessica Simpson. The sound is just banging into my ears. Wearing this earphone and setting it to nearly the highest volume. I just enjoy it.

Its 219 am in the morning and I don’t feel sleepy yet. So I just came with an idea to put an entry into my blog while enjoying the song.

Let’s talk about what I did today yeah..

I think I have a sleeping disorder because lately I have been sleeping for too much. Its like I woke up and then I move my body to the other side of my bed and then back to sleep again. When it’s too cold, I switch off my small fan on the end of my bed and continue sleeping.. then, when I wake up again still feeling cold I switch off my ceiling fan and continue sleeping. What a habit. I only wake like in the midday. I know it’s shameful but yeah, it’s me and I feel like sharing it today. I was waken up today with a phone call from my friend telling me about the baths(research paper-Arabic) that we have to submit today during Ulum Quran class. Actually, he called and messaged me yesterday but I didn’t manage to reply and answer due to some unavoidable situations. Hahaha.

So yeah, I answered and we made a ‘date’ at the library at 2 o’clock. I came early because I have to do some reading for my Ulum Hadis class at 330. I have a presentation to make, about the holy companion, Umar al-Khattab.

Well, we met. The thing is we are supposed to finish the work during the weekend but then biasalah both of us kept quiet and then when the deadline is just around the corner, both started to menggelabah to finish the work. He did the work on translating the text from English to Arabic, which he managed to do by asking his friend to do it for him…no problem bout that. But tak aci la.. Actually the research paper was about identifying syubhat ( can’t find the right translation rite now in English) towards al-Quran. Basically, it’s about what people said or claim wrongly about the Quran and we have to come up with the radd( the reply/rebuttal) to their claims. So that’s my job and it’s really the better part of the assignment because I get the gist of the research by knowing the reply to their claims.

For me writing* in Arabic language is a bit difficult (read *typing) because I don’t do it often. So we planned to look for the answers from the net so that we can just copy and then paste the answers. You see, being a student you have to know the sources too. Haha.. Though my level is still at the bottom.. Anyway, I searched and searched through the net while he was reading and doing revision for the class today at 500. We have our third midterm(third!!!) today.. What a great lecturer! I like him. We’ll talk about later ya..

So I went back to the original English text and kept on reading until I found a line that looks like an answer to this claim.. And it is actually. And I scold him because it was just there and I had to look all over the net.. nasib baik. And then we translated the text to Arabic and put it in the right place and print it...done one work…I myself started reading and memorizing some points before going to my 330 class..

In class, which was our last class for the blissful semester, there was no lecture but just presentations. I dreaded this day somehow a bit because I don’t fancy presenting but yeah, I still have to do it. So the first one to present was a girl/lady/? (remaja perempuan apa in English, lupa la..asyik dalam bahasa Arab dah lupa bahasa inggeris.haha). Since she’s an Arab, she spoke so fast that at the end of her presentation aka taqdim aka ta’ridh the lecturer asked us “ do u guys understand?” and the girls answered “no”. and he said “ cakap sikit sikit” where in fact he’s an Arab too and it was so funny that the class laughed. Hahaha..

Students keep on going up to the front and then I volunteered to go upfront. Presented casually and had some questions from al-Ustaz Saadeldin, answered and didn’t even manage to finish the presentation he said thank you. Haha.. That’s what happens when you have 10 and more people to present in one day. Students are just too shy or maybe lazy to present in the early or middle days of lecturing.. Anyhow, I managed to present so I’m done there.

Currently listening to Jay Sean Down…

Azan was in the air.. finished class at 450 pm. Went down to the Mosque. U know, UIA has a very beautiful mosque. It’s very comfortable and very not like typical mosques out there. I am very grateful to be studying here somehow if I think back of my enrolment here in this great place. Their Muezzins, such nice and sweet but deep voice, calling people to prayers... I'm just briefly talking about it yeah since its Asar time so wanna share this too. Hehe. Their weekly khutbahs, if u don’t know is delivered in multi languages. Not in one language only.. Let’s say, the first sermon is in English, the second one may be in Arabic, or Malay, or Arabic still. It changes. There was this once when there was a delegation from China and one of them was appointed as the Khatib and he delivered the khutbah in Mandarin! Wow! Though I don’t understand it but I respect them. Then the second khutbah he spoke in Arabic. That I do understand.

Prayed Asar and stopped by at the IRK Computer Lab to check out something. Saw a friend, have a lil chat and continued to class. Came a bit late and directly started answering my exam questions. Wasn’t that difficult because I read some points earlier. My habit is I don’t like studying for exams. I like more reading for knowledge and leisure time but not for answering the exam questions. It just doesn’t feel right. But then again, its university ma… what can do…haha…

Finished the exam 5 to 10 minutes earlier from my friend and went to the lab again. Went online for a while till the lab closes and back at room.

Well, that’s about it for now. My nightlife is so much different from what it is in the day light. Haha..what is that Ismat? Nothing.. come see it for yourself.