Wednesday, November 25, 2009


a peaceful afternoon Wednesday. just lying on the floor in the middle room surfing the net for a while and decided to upload a video.

this video is rather well known,or rather the scripts and the song itself..

it gives so many feelings to a person when he really go with the song, or better called nasyid.

it invites us to realize ourselves. in times when we are far away from Him.

theres not much to write about it.

well let me just write something while waiting for the video to finish uploading.

this video is a manifestation of a servant's obedience to Almighty God, Allah swt..
a man will never be at peace until he comes to a realization that he belongs to Allah and in any way have to subject himself to the will of Allah, be it willingly or unwillingly.

one of the first few lyrics is 'ilaahi lastu lilfirdausi ahlan' which literally means oh my God not have i the privilege of your Firdaus ( the paradise) as someone who can be in it, which shows a situation where he feels that he cant enter the paradise.

what makes that happen?

undoubtedly due to sins, wrongdoings, blameworthy deeds and so on. such notions or even thoughts that are acted upon consciously and subconsciously affect the mind, body and soul. hence the first verse is written.

may we take heed..

May Allah guide us to His path and help us to live through this life.

(it didnt load. i'll try again soon or can just view it its exactly the same.)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

good evening

im writing this entry at 0004 am(of course its in the morning).
lets spill out some truth here so that the world knows a few things, not that it really matter.
its just a way to let out what is kept in the heart for quite some while.

i was dismissed from my university for scoring below the allowed grade three times consecutively.
i appealed for a fresh admission to the same university because i loved the place.
i was readmitted in IRK and have now started taking my introductory course.
i will start taking my core courses beginning next semester.

well, 4 lines.. didnt expect it to be so long right..
i dont like to write too long.

there are many friends wondering what really could you, Ismat have gotten into this situation?
well, its best only for me to know i believe.. actually, there are very few people that knows about this and these people i trust them.. not that i dont trust others, its just you dont go telling off your secrets right man?..

so many things happened in the last 6 7 months.. my life have been turned quite upside down.. there are some good things or news, and there are the not so good news or happenings that took place in my life..

im taking my short semester now.
in Gombak.
i like to make friends, but sometimes you end up somewhere that you hate. you do gain some valuable experience, but there are misfortunes and consequences that comes along with it.

nothing comes and goes unnoticed. as much as you want to hide it, it will eventually pop out, sooner or later. it happened to me.. people noticed.. at least someone said that he noticed. i was shocked for a while and to think about it, it does show.

anyhow, life has to go on.. people have to move on, eventhough its hard..and difficult. Aint it not my fellow friends?

life makes you more mature and more understanding, about the people around you, your parents, your family, your friends and others.

it all comes back to ourselves. whether you want it or not. whether u want to stop it or still want to continue..

life is full of challenges, and opportunities too..
you see it, grab it. dont let is pass you because you never know if it ever comes again.
there might be instances in life that u miss, well, make up to it.
never let the next opportunity on your door goes away like a feather.

have a nice day people.
your doa i hope.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

a day off

assalamualaikum everybody. i hope everyone is feeling good today..
the weather is good here in shah alam.
the grass..still green..
the sun..still giving out its unlimited rays of light and heat...
man..having shelters to keep them away from the burning sun..from rains...a place of comfort..
can anybody find a better place than home?
there is one..but not seen..

today is my day off from work. i slept late last night and woke up late in the morning.
just bought a new broadband where you can just plug it in and surf the net.

this morning, as usual i have to send my two brothers to school in Seksyen 13 Shah Alam.. today was a bit better than yesterday and days before that..they woke up earlier today so i don't have to rush in driving them to school. the road will become congested right around 720 am so if i go out later than that gives me another job of waiting in the traffic.

i started working at this book store on monday 2/3/2009 which was on monday. the working hours is from 9 am till 615 pm in the evening, that is if you are working morning shift. if you are doing afternoon shift, you'll be working from 1230 pm to 10 pm..9 hours..such long it?

in working life one will meet many types of people, no doubt about that.. and i guess im just starting to feel that. people with different attitudes..some work well with each other, some stab others at the back, many are good honest and hardworking people, a few are quite emotional when problems pass by, and many others..

i treat such as many sides of a human..insan..not that forgets..same goes to me..
but not to give in to such notion as it might cloud you to make an excuse out of it..
man should strive..for his life in here and..hereafter..
not only for himself..but others that go the same way down into the dirt..

throughout the lives of mankind, man always find ways to answer the questions that life pose to one..


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

waking up in the morning

waking up in the morning is surely the best thing to do.
its morning and the sun is just about to rise..the air.. so fresh and clean, especially when you have big trees around your house or around your neighbourhood...
just imagine.. feeling the cold water running gently at the tip of your foot when you are just about to get your shower..shivers..

but there's a much sweeter experience than waking up at that time in the morning..that is, you wake an hour or two before morning..yes..what do you say about that..

its so much peaceful..give it a try..whats more peaceful than that is you take a bath and perform the will feel peace within one's soul..and that is the most important thing in life..

to have peace inside and know and feel the presence of Allah deep inside your heart..
that is actually what life is all about..serving Him none other...

people seek that what is called inner peace..and none can give it except by His will..and we should ask and pray for it...

as a muslim, and in my personal view, this peace is something that every single person on this earth is searching can't buy it..