Thursday, November 29, 2007

a death tonight...

Around 2200 today, my mother asked me to accompany her to our TUDM Mosque, in Shah Alam.
My father told me before that there was a death, and as xTUDMs, we felt obliged to attend it.
So, after changing my clothes and taking ablution, we drove off to the mosque which was about 10 minutes from our house in Bukit Jelutong.
In the vehicle, I asked my mother who is this person that passed away.
She said that this dear woman was an acquaintance of her when we used to live in TUDM Subang.
They used to play volleyball together along with other women.
Well, that must be sad.
And to add to that, she died because of cancer.
When we arrive there, people were gathering at the left side of the mosque where the place to Wash the 'jenazah' is situated.
So my mother went ahead where the ladies were and I headed for the men.
I knew only few out of these people over there because they were working people, I mean, my father would have known them rather than me.
I just stood there watching from outside, the ladies preparing to wash the 'jenazah'.
While standing, I observed there are people having some conversations, here and there, some are smoking, and some are just like me, watching and doing nothing.
I remembered I have not prayed isya' at that time due to some matters so I went inside the mosque and found two people were praying and I, without wasting any time joined up.
It is narrated that congregational prayer is more loved in the sight of Allah by 27 times.
Is not that a lot?
Let’s say that if I work alone, I only get RM1, but if I work with a pair, I get RM27...?
Just an analogy though, it does not suppose to be the exact meaning. =)
anyways, after praying, I went back to the people and still, doing the same thing, watch.
Somehow I felt touched, to see people not really into this death thing, you know what I mean?
Truly I believe that, when one attends such ceremony, that is a death of someone, especially one that is dear to you, you will feel too much and you cannot stop that feeling from affecting you.
Whether you try to hide your face and your tears from falling down, or you let it be.
I don't know, maybe different people different experience.
Whatever it is, emotions, sometimes they are good for you. Not to mention crying.
But being mad is no, as a branch of emotions itself because this one is killing.
Prophet once said don't be angry and he repeated it three times emphasizing how not good it is to get mad or angry.
Crying, I see it in another perspective that it helps to cool the heart in one way. I believe and through experience, crying has many benefits and also, it comes in many ways to you. You don't just cry when you are angry, do you? What I mean here is crying, there must be situations that make you want to cry.
I think I deviated from my story already. We will continue about crying tomorrow Insha’Allah ok. =)
so, then I went back inside the mosque to make some doa' for this lady. tell you the truth, even though I don't know her, inside I feel like she's very dear to me. and when I saw her two boys crying outside, it really touched me.
two little innocent kids losing their mom..
quite a trial.
maybe this is the outcome of the so called brotherhood in Islam that a lot of people do not see.
I am also saying this to myself.
we Muslims must have what you call in Arabic as ghirah(غيرة) towards the Muslims among themselves.
meaning, we feel for each other, we sympathize and empathize for whatever that is happening to our fellow Muslims, the tortures, slain, plights, and also assaults made and launched by the enemies of Muslims.
we must really feel for them.
be them Chinese, Indians, Indonesians, Myanmars, Vietnamese, or any other race that exist on the face of this world.
sometimes we only see the white, good looking people in our hearts, not our kind.
by kind I mean faith.
this should not happen my brothers and sisters.
sometimes we see people of the same color as the same as us and we treat them normal, but when we meet up new other-color people from the outside, we treat them one of a kind, that goes to you too ismat.
I don't mean that white people are to be kept away from or what not. they are the same as us, human beings that need love and care.
people like to see beauty don't they..?same here.
but when we realize that this beauty is not what we are striving for, not what we are made to have, we would gradually see other people who are not as lucky as we are, not as rich as we are, and not as good looking as we are, if we are.
our hearts will become more soft and easily touched.
and this can be achieved by taqarrub ilaLlah.....

Well, that's it for now, until we meet again...