Tuesday, September 18, 2007

sorry everybody =)

assalamualaikum and a very good evening to everybody, especially to my friends who have been continuously asking me to update my blog. thanks for the so many pushes now that i am able to force my fingers to type again.

to tell you the truth, the first time i registered this blog, that was the first time i made a post until now. what a bad attitude, don't you people think so?!

anyway, let us not talk about myself alone. let's now ponder upon our own selves.

hey, that sounds interesting, dontcha think so? pondering upon our own selves... who have even done that before...

probably out there, there are many among us that do this thing all the time which is usually termed as 'muhasabah'.

well, that's just a probability.

my sincere opinion, not many. and to tell the truth, i seldom do it. why? well, the negative part of the self which is called 'nafsu' in my language will straight away answer:
it's a waste of time,
sleeping is better,
maybe some other time... and so on and the list goes on... that's typical i guess.

to be continued...