Wednesday, March 4, 2009

a day off

assalamualaikum everybody. i hope everyone is feeling good today..
the weather is good here in shah alam.
the grass..still green..
the sun..still giving out its unlimited rays of light and heat...
man..having shelters to keep them away from the burning sun..from rains...a place of comfort..
can anybody find a better place than home?
there is one..but not seen..

today is my day off from work. i slept late last night and woke up late in the morning.
just bought a new broadband where you can just plug it in and surf the net.

this morning, as usual i have to send my two brothers to school in Seksyen 13 Shah Alam.. today was a bit better than yesterday and days before that..they woke up earlier today so i don't have to rush in driving them to school. the road will become congested right around 720 am so if i go out later than that gives me another job of waiting in the traffic.

i started working at this book store on monday 2/3/2009 which was on monday. the working hours is from 9 am till 615 pm in the evening, that is if you are working morning shift. if you are doing afternoon shift, you'll be working from 1230 pm to 10 pm..9 hours..such long it?

in working life one will meet many types of people, no doubt about that.. and i guess im just starting to feel that. people with different attitudes..some work well with each other, some stab others at the back, many are good honest and hardworking people, a few are quite emotional when problems pass by, and many others..

i treat such as many sides of a human..insan..not that forgets..same goes to me..
but not to give in to such notion as it might cloud you to make an excuse out of it..
man should strive..for his life in here and..hereafter..
not only for himself..but others that go the same way down into the dirt..

throughout the lives of mankind, man always find ways to answer the questions that life pose to one..