Wednesday, July 2, 2008

a broken family

someone will always find ways, when he is enlightened, to improve himself and to become a better person. and he will do the same thing for his family, his friends, and the people around, and also the whole world, when he is enlightened.
he see's that the world is not in its best condition. he will find ways to solve the problems the world is facing, his family is facing, his society is facing, he is facing.
he realised that to find a solution to all the problems of the world is not a one man job like a superman. that it must be done not individually but collectively, he thus seeks companions. for a big job it is not an individual job. it demands all the people there is available. just like building the skyscrapers of the world, you will not find one guy directing it and building it at the same time. it needs people and it needs a team and it needs one mindset.
then, this someone again realised that in devicing ways to solve problems, he needs people to help him to work together, to advice each other so that one does not slip off the track. and he must have something as a guide in achieving this very big goal.