Saturday, December 8, 2007


Salam friends…

How is everybody at the moment? I hope everyone is fine insyaallah. I will like to post something like a question here so that we all can discuss. Let me start.

It was my first UNGS 2050 class, stands for Islam, Ethics and Fiqh for everyday Life. So, the lecturer was giving an introduction while at the same time going into some topics in the course. He talked about Muslim people, their population and how this influences the increasing number of Muslims in the world. He said that the very big population of Muslim today is MAINLY due to the increasing number of Muslim child being born, the reproductivity of the Muslim people themselves, not because of the big number of non-Muslims converting to the religion Islam, and also not because of the hard and continuous work of the Muslim preachers in spreading the Din.

So, the question is, is what he said is true? Has it got basis? I will leave this as it is and I shall wait for your opinions/comments and will publish them here. Just want us to have a jolly discussion.

Till then, take care.