Tuesday, June 9, 2009

good evening

im writing this entry at 0004 am(of course its in the morning).
lets spill out some truth here so that the world knows a few things, not that it really matter.
its just a way to let out what is kept in the heart for quite some while.

i was dismissed from my university for scoring below the allowed grade three times consecutively.
i appealed for a fresh admission to the same university because i loved the place.
i was readmitted in IRK and have now started taking my introductory course.
i will start taking my core courses beginning next semester.

well, 4 lines.. didnt expect it to be so long right..
i dont like to write too long.

there are many friends wondering what really happened..how could you, Ismat have gotten into this situation?
well, its best only for me to know i believe.. actually, there are very few people that knows about this and these people i trust them.. not that i dont trust others, its just you dont go telling off your secrets right man?..

so many things happened in the last 6 7 months.. my life have been turned quite upside down.. there are some good things or news, and there are the not so good news or happenings that took place in my life..

im taking my short semester now.
in Gombak.
i like to make friends, but sometimes you end up somewhere that you hate. you do gain some valuable experience, but there are misfortunes and consequences that comes along with it.

nothing comes and goes unnoticed. as much as you want to hide it, it will eventually pop out, sooner or later. it happened to me.. people noticed.. at least someone said that he noticed. i was shocked for a while and to think about it, it does show.

anyhow, life has to go on.. people have to move on, eventhough its hard..and difficult. Aint it not my fellow friends?

life makes you more mature and more understanding, about the people around you, your parents, your family, your friends and others.

it all comes back to ourselves. whether you want it or not. whether u want to stop it or still want to continue..

life is full of challenges, and opportunities too..
you see it, grab it. dont let is pass you because you never know if it ever comes again.
there might be instances in life that u miss, well, make up to it.
never let the next opportunity on your door goes away like a feather.

have a nice day people.
your doa i hope.