Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Today 26012011 Rabu

assalamualaikum everyone.
i think this is the first time im writing this blog in the year of 2011.
i havent been updating any since the last time last year.
never had the mood and never even thought about updating.

well,at least you start and things will slowly run smoothly.

im now at home in Bukit Jelutong.

i think writing a blog is a good thing for many reasons.
one of them is this, u get to read them back later and u get to know what kinda person u were in the past, the experiences u went thru and what u did.


its like a memory bank..
you cant remember every day of your life, so a blog is where u diary them.
so a blog is merely like a diary. not 100% but u can keep ur memory fresh here..if u write in details that is..

anyway, lets talk about what happened today, about my day today.

Alhamdulillah first and foremost all thanks to Allah the Almighty who still gives me strength and the opportunity to breath his air to live.. without His Mercy and Love life would be meaningless and dull.

i woke up around 7 am i dont know why but i managed to pray Fajr, the first prayer of a Muslim in the beginning of the day. yesterday i didnt sleep that late, around 12 bcoz usually i sleep later than that.

after prayer, i went back on my bed waiting for my brother to get prepared for school as i am the one who is gonna drive him to school everyday. thats what brothers are for.. hahahah..

actually i didnt have the time to finish this entry because i remembered i got something to do but i didnt know what it was..hahahah.. so i guess it ends here and i gotta do a new entry for today's activities ;p